Dublin, at the Mespil Hotel

If you wait until you get to Ireland, the phone cards are reasonable. I found a phone card at the SPAR (similar to a 7-11 here) for 5E that works out to be approx. 3E a minute, having 60 odd minutes on them so I could finally talk to Nat. I miss her. I’m constantly thinking about re-doing Ireland with her, places that I’d want to re-visit and places that I want to see that I won’t get the chance to. Hmm.
We went to St. Patrick’s Cathedral for the Choir’s first concert. I took a lot of pictures of the Cathedral. Afterward a group of about 15 of us toured the Guinness Brewery. I liked the museum a lot and would have enjoyed another hour or so to explore and taste-test. We only had an hour and a half, which really isn’t enough time. At the top of the Brewery is a Bar with a 360 view of Dublin, where you get your “free” pint that is included with admission. Of course, because we only had about twenty minutes in the bar, I chugged about half of my pint and spent the next half an hour rather tipsy.

Then the awesome bus driver, Joe (who we toasted our stouts at the brewery and again when we had our “free” pint at the top with the amazing view… he got toasted a lot that day…) drove us to the very North part of Dublin (not a particularly good part of Dublin) so Kate could get her father a Harley Davidson T-Shirt. We ended up walking back the entire length of Dublin as our hotel is on the Southern most end, including several rather sketchy neighborhoods. It takes about two hours to walk Dublin, including the part where we got a little turned around because of construction.
We finished up the day with Chinese food at TinTin on the corner of Baggot St. and Mespil and the discovery of phone cards and calls to our significant others. Or at least I did, as I was rather tired. I know others have vastly more interesting stories to tell from that night.

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